Label: The diversity project

Label is an organization dedicated to the global acceptance of diversity and representation of all cultures. What we hope to accomplish with our videos and online presence is a conversation on cultural acceptance. We hope to educate the masses more accurately than they have been educated by the main stream media.

The Label project hopes to differentiate the mindless versus the mindful stereotypes of the world.

This project is still in development

The Label logo

Label Logo

Label is the parent organization which created the More than a Stereotype campaign.

Label x More than a stereotype

Color palette

Color Palette

The Bracket symbol


The Label box

Label Box

The Label box is a project that allows you to take all of your emotional baggage; all the words, or statements that have affected you in a negative way, and releasing them. Whether you write down a word or a few lines, just jot it down and toss it into the box. Lift the weight of these unwanted labels off your shoulders.

Label Box

Label cards

All of the labels are anonymous, and are incorporated into the poster series.

Label Cards Label Cards

The Label poster

Label Poster

The label poster was created to bring awareness to the differences between mindful and mindless Stereotyping. The labels, which were filled out by different people, were photographed and added into the poster as a way to grab the viewers’ attention and intrigue them to read deeper.

Label Poster

The Label site

Label App

Background Photo Credit: Break Uno

Using the Label website, users can select different cultures to learn about. Within those different cultures users can focus in on different aspects of a culture such as: music, food, and clothing.

Label App Label App

Photo Credit: Les Twins & YAK FILMS 2013

Label Talks

Label Talk is an outlet for people to have discussions about the state of culture and diversity in their communities. The scope can range from a small neighborhood to an entire continent, but the message is the same. The first culture that will be discussed is Black and African-American culture.

Videos Below

Camera 1: Marian
Camera 2: Lacsana & Wendy
Camera 3: Eduardo
Panel Speakers (Left to Right): David, Loraine, Kiery, Akim, Sarsha, M.G, & Mauricio
Intro & Outro Audio: David Ruffin "If Loving You is Wrong" beat by Snowb

Background Music: Lupe Fiasco - Dumb it Down(1st & 15th/Atlantic Records),
Chamillionaire - Ridin' Dirty((C) 2005 Universal Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc.),
MAGIC! - No Way No((C) 2014 Sony Music Entertainment International Limited),
Nas - If I Ruled the World (Sony Music Entertainment)

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