Modells M3 Brand Design

Modell’s is developing their own lifewear and sportswear clothing line, and they wanted to create a new sub-brand behind this. I was able to pitch this new brand design and campaign to the C-level executives at Modell’s.

M3 Logo

M3 Logo

Using the name that they came up with, “Triple M” I developed the brand M3. M3 is a literal flip on the visual identity of the proposed Triple M, with the hopes of appealing to a new and younger audience. The brand name can be M3, Triple M, or M Cubed and the logo mark will still be applicable. Striving to revitalize the way you think about clothing, M3 melds cutting edge technology with the fabrics you know and love to create a fashion forward look that is above all else affordable.


Brand breakdown

After gathering research from fashion forecasting sources, as well as patterns and colors sampled from insects; I was able to develop my palette. A palette that would allow the new brand to stand out in its own right, while still maintaining its connection to Modell’s.

Hand Tags

Hand Tags

Hands tags which would be hung over the clothing, providing a description of the materials.


Ad design concept


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