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Mellow Pages Logo

The Mellow Pages logo utilizes the typeface Poetsen One. I wanted to give the logo the same feeling that I experienced while perusing the Mellow Pages Library. The Mellow Pages Library was an extremely chilled and laid back environment. Time was spent tightening the kerning between the letters, and adjusting the flow between the O and W in Mellow to get a smoother transition between the characters.

Mellow Pages Publication Cover

The Mellow Pages publication was created based on the information gathered from its co-founders. The initial concept behind the book was to show the statistics of the library from its creation to present. Once getting a chance to speak with a co-founder, it became clear that it really was a “mellow” library. There was no formal organization, categories or locations for the books they housed so many of their stats were rough estimates. I thought this was fun element to their library and decided to create a (rough estimate) statistic publication based on that.

Mellow Pages Process 1

Mellow Pages Process2

Mellow Pages Spread 1

Mellow Pages Spread 2

Mellow Pages Library Cards

To expand on the brand and add a few new elements to the library without ruining the chill and mellow atmosphere, I designed a Mellow Library Card and Category stickers. The Library Card to simply track the books a person checks-out and most of all to stand out from all of their previous other library cards.

Mellow Pages Category Stickers Mellow Pages Category Stickers

For the Category stickers, I created seven categories based on common slang used throughout NYC. The stickers would be used to split the books up into those seven categories, but they wouldn’t be set in stone. Someone who reads a book could put their own sticker inside the book cover if they thought it fit into a different category. The stickers would at that point also serve as a simple user rating system.

Mellow Pages Promo Poster

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