The Hunt- Poster Series

This was a project to create a tryptic based on a topic of the Designers choosing. I covered the Salem Witch Trials, and focused on the three women who I felt were the catalyst for the entire event. The three posters are character profiles for each of the women.

The Salem Witch Trials was a very intriguing event, since it dabbles in the ideas of the supernatural which always appealed to me. The trials also showed what a little paranoia and a lot of ignorance can do to a small community of people, isolated from the rest of the world.

The Hunt Posters

Tituba's Character Profile

Tituba Poster

Abigal Williams's Character Profile

Abigal Williams Poster

Elizabeth Parris's Character Profile

Elizabeth Parris Poster

The Hunt sketch 1

While developing the posters we had to begin by figuring out our paper stock and paper size.

The Hunt sketch 1

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